Marcus photo2Welcome to Marcus!

Marcus was founded in 1871. It has been named an official “Main Street Community” by the Governor of Iowa, one of only forty-six among all the cities and towns throughout the State of Iowa. The “Main Street” program promotes economic development based on the concept that a strong downtown is the heart and soul of the community.The population of Marcus, according to the 2000 Census, is 1,139 citizens. We’re located in Western Cherokee County on Highway 143, just one mile north of Highway 3.The main line of the Canadian National Railroad skirts the north edge of Marcus; and just one and a half miles east of our city limits, is a 92 million gallon ethanol plant, Little Sioux Corn Processors LP.

Marcus photoMarcus is strategically located within a major grain and livestock feeding and production area. Our central business district is very well equipped for your in-town and agriculture needs. Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn School District offers an outstanding system, stressing academics. It ranks very high scholastically among all schools in Iowa. MMC is the home of the Eagles. We have five churches, a public library, city parks, golf course, and a heated swimming pool. Marcus offers one of the best volunteer fire and rescue departments in Iowa. Our community-built, not-for-profit care center, which also provides assisted-living facilities, is a real source of pride. Two medical clinics are located in our business district. During the second weekend of each August for more than seventy-three years, Marcus provides the community and the area with one of the finest fairs in all Northwest Iowa. Traditionally, the largest and best-attended function throughout the calendar year. Our fair provides enjoyment for all ages. Marcus has pride in the past and faith in the future. Check us out for a quality of life and a safe, healthy environment that is the envy of many.