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To Do: One Month Before Moving

Create a folder to keep all records related to the move. You can also use a legal-sized envelope. Plan the actual physical move (are you renting a truck, hiring movers, etc.). Then get estimates for each. If you are moving for a job find out what moving expenses will...

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To Do: 3 Weeks Before Moving

You should know how you are moving and have all the arrangements finalized (truck, movers, etc.). Start packing anything that is non-essential (anything that you use very rarely). Keep boxes well labeled by Room. It may help to mark the room in the old home as well as the...

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To Do: 2 Weeks Before Moving

Continue packing everything up and make sure that you are cleaning each area of the home as you go. If you will need items right away, make sure you pack them separately and don’t just throw them in one gigantic box. Make sure you have enough time off around...

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To Do: 1 Week Before Moving

Confirm the moving details (truck, movers, etc.) one more time and verify all paperwork. Make an action plan for the day of the move (a complete schedule). If you rented a truck plan for how you are going to pick it up, who is going to drive, etc. Prepare...

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To Do: Moving Day

Remove bedding and take the beds apart. Make sure you go early to pickup the truck if you rented one. When the movers arrive walk them through the house and tell them exactly what you want them to do. Once the old home is empty do a walk through...

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